Sumner... The City With A Future!

Picture a howling wilderness, a rolling prairie, areas of wooded land, a stream, some wild animals and a few tribes of Native Americans - that was the scene before Sumner came to be.

Then along came a man who was to change the course of history for this area:  Chauncey Carpenter arrived in this area in 1869.  Chauncey played a very active part in the early village of Sumner.  Another important man in the early history of Sumner was Stephan F. Cass, who contributed to the growth of our town by moving his little town of Cassville into Sumner in 1875 when it became apparent the railroad was coming to Sumner.

The last train chugged through Sumner on November 6, 1981.  Legend has it that both men, being modest and unassuming, did not wish to outshine the other, so instead the name Sumner was chosen in honor of a very highly respected US Senator from Massachusetts, who played an important role in the anti-slavery movement during the Civil War.

Sumner became an incorporated town in May 1894.

Horse racing was one of the first organized sports in Sumner, becoming very popular in the 1880's and 1890's.  A Bicycling Club was active beginning in the 1890's.  By 1952 Sumner was somewhat famous for its own Cubs baseball team, which played in the Amateur World Series at Battle Creek, Michigan.  The land for the baseball diamond became know as CUB PARK.  This site continues to expand with the support of our community and their many donations.

As you drive around Sumner, you will see Sumner's Industrial Park, many beautiful restored Victorian homes and will note our beautiful clock tower.  The tower, built in 1897 at a cost of $600, has now been fully restored at a cost of around $25,000.  The Sumner Rotary Club took on this project with the help of our Sumner Community.

Sumner has a population of about 2100.  You will find many unique shops in our quaint town ranging from antiques, gift items, clothing, hardware, floor covering, pharmaceutical, professional offices plus much more!

Sumner prides itself on its safe, family-friendly environment, well-kept homes, new and diverse manufacturing and jobs many churches and parks, a nursing home and a newly reconstructed hospital.  The public library and aquatic center were completed with donated funds from community members.  The restoration of the movie theater, addition of another ball diamond and the construction of the biking/hiking trail are all additional projects completed here in town.

We hope you enjoy your visit!  Come see us again!